The Good Dinosaur- film review (with spoilers)

products_thegooddinosaur_digitalhd_e5ac6e20.pngHi Everyone!

This is my first film review and I have decided to write about the film I just watched with M and D, The Good Dinosaur. A Pixar animated film about a dinosaur named Arlo who befriends a Neanderthal boy and learns to confront his fears. Although it wasn’t one of my favourite Pixar films, I would recommend it to anyone who likes animated films and looking to watch something short and sweet. I looked it up and this movie was the lowest grossing Pixar film so far and it was Pixar’s first movie that was told in the perspective of a child. All other Pixar movies are in the perspective of parents (i.e. Finding Nemo) or adult-like figures (i.e. Toy Story). If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you stop reading now as I will be giving my thoughts on the movie and sharing a few spoilers.

Even though The Good Dinosaur is an animated movie, there are a few parts of the movie that children probably wouldn’t understand. For a child, it is merely a film about a young dinosaur befriending a human boy.

I love Pixar movies, but I don’t know why they always have to feature a death of a parent. I cried when Arlo’s poppa died- it was the first out of three times I cried during the movie. If you watched the movie, I think you’ll know the two other scenes that made me cry…I never knew drawing circles could make me bawl my eyes out. Even D got teary-eyed at those parts too. Apart from the sad parts of the film, the movie was cute and had some funny bits in it- the fact that the dinosaurs can talk and the human is being treated like a dog. The Good Dinosaur is not rated at the top of my Pixar movie favourites, but it was still a heartwarming film with lessons to be learned.


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