Adult Colouring Books


Adult colouring books is all the rage these days, you see them on display with pencil crayons at Indigo and other places. Last year for my birthday, my friends, KH and YH, bought me a colouring book and some markers. They bought me the Color Me Calm book, a national bestseller. It includes six chapters that feature specific scenes and patterns including mandalas (these are my fave), water scenes, wooded scenes, geometric patterns, floral & fauna, and natural patterns. You can also buy on Amazon- Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates for Meditation and Relaxation.

It’s funny because I don’t recall colouring that much when I was a kid, lil JenCat was content with playing with Barbies. I found it quite relaxing with markers, but they bled through, leading me to put a piece of paper underneath so it didn’t ruin the next page. I’ve used pencil crayons, but I found that less relaxing because I had to press down harder and my hand would get tired (sad, I know). I’ve done pages with markers, pages with pencil crayons and pages with a mixture of both. I find that colouring with markers makes it look more vibrant, but there isn’t as much selection of colours for markers as there are for pencil crayons. I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I ever would’ve bought one for myself if I hadn’t received it for my birthday (especially since they can be expensive). So thanks to YH and KH for the new experience (I guess it’s not really a new experience since I used to colour sometimes as a kid, but thanks for the new experience as an adult). Below are some patterns and scenes I’ve coloured in.



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