The day after we got inked

Three years ago today, my older sister, C, and I went to get sister tattoos. She got our last name in Chinese on her upper back and I got a C (first letter of our last name) on my inner ankle. Originally, I had planned to get our last name too, but the tattoo artists we contacted said the tattoo would have to be bigger in order for it to be legible. Since I didn’t want a monstrosity on my ankle, I decided to get a C in fancy font (the font is called ITC Edwardian Script Bold Alt).

From what I can remember, the pain level wasn’t horrible (maybe a 6/10), but I think that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Even the tattoo artist said I had chosen a ‘pinchy area’ to get a tattoo. I don’t see myself getting a new one in the near future, but there’s possibility for me to change my mind. The only person I’d ever get a matching tattoo with is my sister. I think if I ever considered getting more, it’d be for my future child(ren).

I remember when I told M and D that we were planning to get tattoos. I was already a legal adult, but still living with my parents so I felt the need to tell them before we got inked. I was super nervous to tell them, unsure of what they would say. To my surprise, they were okay with it (they didn’t love the idea, but they respected my decision and my maturity for telling them before getting it done). I breathed a sigh of relief after…I don’t know why I was so worried to begin with, my parents are very understanding, especially if you talk to them beforehand and give them a heads up on your plans.


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