Trying out false lashes- Review

Hi Everyone!

In the past few months, I’ve found myself in the world of YouTube beauty vlogs, watching tutorials for hair and makeup and reviews for makeup products.

Me, with the false lashes

Recently, I tried using false lashes because they look amazing on all of the beauty vloggers I watch. After trying them a few times, I don’t think the false lashes I bought are a good fit for me and I’m perfectly fine with sticking to a volumizing and/or lengthening mascara. It might’ve turned out better if I had used a better quality pair, used individual false lashes, gotten a style that suited me better or had them applied by someone who is more experienced. Maybe I will try them again some day with a better suited style and have them applied by a make up artist for a special occasion, but I don’t see myself using them for everyday

Me, with just mascara

wear. They look great on other people, but I still need to learn how to put them on properly. When M saw me in false lashes, she just stared at me and said she didn’t think she could get used to it because I looked so different.

Comment below and tell me your experiences with false lashes and your go-to brands for lashes and mascara!

Check out my most recent experience with false lashes: Here



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